What COVID-19 Can Teach Us

Few would disagree that we are living through unprecedented times with COVID-19 or Corona Virus.  While many of us have the luxury (yes, luxury) of staying home with our shows, books, meals and protection, many remain on the frontline in harm’s way tending to the ill and dying, trucking food, stocking shelves, and shipping what we are ordering online.  We can do our part by sheltering in place.  We can alter these scary times by calling on our on better angels.  What we need to know about a VIRUS.

Verify.  There is too much wrong, dangerous and misleading information.  Before you believe it and then share it with all your friends, family, and neighbors – it is a good practice to verify that it is true and from a reliable source (Read: being on Facebook doesn’t make it true).  Fear is normal.  Too much fear creates anxiety.  Practice quiet vigilance.

Illuminate.  Be a light to others.  If you have food, clothing and shelter – you are rich beyond measure.  If you are not sick, dying alone or truly suffering, please don’t complain.  In this moment we should be grateful – not whining about staying at home.  When you want to complain – stop and consider someone less fortunate then you.  It puts life into perspective.  Help where and when you can.  Be courteous – be socially distant, stay inside.  Be kind – it goes a long way.

Respond.  Don’t react.  Most decisions don’t need an immediate response.  During a crisis there is far too much reaction, many bad decisions, and mindlessly joining a herd mentality (Can you say hoarding toilet paper?).  Think before you act.  Make decisions as if you had more time to do so – because you do.

Unity.  This is the state of being united.  Joined as a whole.  If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is how interconnected we are as a nation and a world.  During a war as it is being called, humans want to put a face on an elusive and invisible enemy.  We need to find blame, point fingers, and have a place to discharge our anger, which comes from our fear.  As a species, we can only survive if we’re united as humans.  Just as a disease can spread from one person to the next, so too can love.

STAY HOME.  In a time when we all feel helpless without control, the one thing that could make a HUGE difference in combating COVID-19 comes down staying home if you have the option to do so.  Unless you are an essential worker, going outside not only puts your health at risk, but may save a life.

Our planet is speaking to us.  It is quieter.  The skies are clearer.  Mother Earth is taking a breath, perhaps we should as well.  In our hamster-wheel styled life, a virus has put it on pause.  And though truly tragic as this story unfolds – maybe, just maybe we can use this time to reprioritize and be reminded of what truly matters.  As we emerge from under the COVID-19 veil – hopefully we become stronger, wiser, humbled, and kinder.

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