My Gym Tribe

It’s one of the great mysteries I have yet to unravel. I go to the pool or gym about five times a week (er…plus or minus). Okay, before you start thinking I’m some saint, insane fitness nut, or someone you can’t relate to – hold on! At my age – I work out for a […]

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Big Magic, Curiosity, and a bit of Socrates

I belong to a women’s wellness book club where we read for self-improvement. The first benefit of being part of this group is community. It provides a social, intellectual, and emotional connection that all humans need and desire. Belonging means you are part of something and accepted. The average age of our group is 60. […]

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The Art of Excavation and Healing

Every person has suffered a wound.  Some physical, some emotional, some spiritual. Most wounds heal. Some do not, because we cannot or do not acknowledge their existence. We pretend that the wound is forgotten, forgiven, or perhaps, never happened. And still, we can vividly recall the wound 10, 20, or 30 years later – as […]

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