Thoughts on Thankfulness

I went swimming yesterday.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I mentally whined that the temperature of the water was too cold.  So self-absorbed in my own world of complaint, I failed to notice the chair next to me.  I plunged in and began my laps.  Swimming has a way of either causing you to […]

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What is Your Ripple Effect?

Humans need a purpose and belief that our lives matter.  Your Ripple Effect is your invisible legacy. It is how you touch lives in ways you’ll never know.  A kind word, a glance, a smile, or simply a brief touch.  These tiny gestures have the power to change someone’s day, feelings about themselves, or how […]

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The Art of Excavation and Healing

Every person has suffered a wound.  Some physical, some emotional, some spiritual. Most wounds heal. Some do not, because we cannot or do not acknowledge their existence. We pretend that the wound is forgotten, forgiven, or perhaps, never happened. And still, we can vividly recall the wound 10, 20, or 30 years later – as […]

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