Confession of a Writer – the Journey Behind My Upcoming Book, ‘Short Stories with a Twist’ – A Reflection

Writing is a privilege.

As an independent author, the path to storytelling is a solitary and communal journey. It’s a path I’ve chosen to share tales and connect with readers on a level that transcends the ordinary. Writing books for me is more than a passion; it’s a conduit through which I explore the depths of human emotion and the unexpected turns of life. My latest work, “Short Stories with a Twist,” embodies this exploration, offering readers eight diverse narratives that promise to leave you pondering and perhaps whispering, “I didn’t see that coming.”

The genesis of this book comes from my enduring fascination with life’s unpredictability. Each story is a carefully woven tapestry of characters, settings, and plots that invite readers into worlds where the expected is merely the prelude to the twist. From run-ins with the law to biological transplants, these stories span a gamut of environments. Yet, they all share one common thread – the twist that challenges our perceptions and biases.

Why do I write books? The answer is simple yet profound. Writing is my way of communicating with the world; it’s how I make sense of the complexities of life and human nature. Through my stories, I aim to offer a mirror to society, reflecting our existence’s beauty and chaos and urging readers to question, feel, and empathize. “Short Stories with a Twist” is a manifestation of this aim, crafted with the hope of leaving a lasting impression on those who wander through its pages.

Creating this book was a journey not taken alone. My amazing friend and eagle-eyed editor – Linda Bogart, and my fantastic cover photo (used here) from Dave Winegar, a professional photographer, and much-loved friend, never waver in their commitment to support me. And, of course, my husband Noah, who had to read each story countless times to the point he spoke about them in his sleep.

Behind every word and story lies the invaluable support of my tribe – a community of fellow writers, readers, friends, and family who have been my lighthouse in the often tumultuous sea of independent publishing. Their encouragement, critiques, posting reviews, and unwavering belief in my vision have been pivotal. From brainstorming sessions that stretched into hours to the critical feedback that shaped my narratives, their contributions are etched into the very fabric of this book.

In this journey, my tribe has been my strength. They’ve celebrated my victories and cushioned the falls, reminding me that the essence of storytelling is not just in the creation but in the sharing. Their insights have often catalyzed my stories’ twists, proving the creative process is collaborative.

I am profoundly thankful for having such a supportive community. To my tribe, every word of encouragement, every piece of advice, and every moment spent in the service of bringing this book to life has not gone unnoticed. Your role in this journey has been indispensable, and “Short Stories with a Twist” is as much yours as mine.

As “Short Stories with a Twist” enters the world, I stand humbled and excited. The journey of an independent author is fraught with challenges yet incredibly rewarding. This book is a testament to the power of storytelling, the beauty of unexpected turns, and the strength found in community. To my readers, I hope these stories ignite your imagination, challenge your expectations, and perhaps, most importantly, remind you of the magic in life’s twists and turns.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Here’s to the stories that surprise us, the communities that support us, and the twists that make life genuinely fascinating.


  1. David Wiener says:

    I can’t wait to read it. When is it coming out? How can I buy it?

  2. Michael Klausner says:

    I loved your book: SHORT STORIES FOR THINKERS…after reading it, I craved, “more of the same.” From what you said about Short Stories With a Twist, it appears that soon my craving will be satisfied. You are a remarkably talented writer, wordsmith and sage.

    Marketing Tip: Play this song when you discuss the book during book club meetings.


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