A Book is Born – Short Stories for Thinkers

I use the word born because writing is a labor of love. An idea is planted, nurtured, and modified a million times. In the publishing world, your book is like a child—it takes a village to raise it. Without help from your people reading it and leaving reviews—most books languish.

Any form of writing and publishing is scary because you are putting a piece of yourself out there. Over the years, I compiled a group of stories incorporating personal experience, strangers’ narratives, and simple observations of human behavior.

Every once in a while, a story just sticks with you. Reading stories can teach us a lot about our beliefs, moral compass, fears, and feelings. The more we respond to stories, the more we discover about ourselves. How we feel about a character’s behavior often reflects our own state of mind, opinions, and other telling features.

Short stories can get you thinking. If done correctly, they enable you to conjure images of the characters, scenes, and emotions. Sometimes we wonder why a character acted in a particular way. Other times, we may identify with their experience or situation.

The primary objective of this compilation is that you find them entertaining. Hopefully, each asks you to think about the storyline, and at least one resonates. There is a common thread between them. You might see the impact and importance of free will and choice in our imperfect world. Together, the diverse characters form a tapestry that speaks to the power of love and the bravery required to live authentically.

There are messages embedded in each story that ask you to dig deeper into the storyline. Perhaps something provoked an unexpected emotion? Can you relate to the character? Would you act as the character did or want to understand their motivations?

Hope Verdad’s Short Stories for Thinkers is up on Amazon now. The KDP version is $.99—which qualifies as a legitimate sale. REVIEWS are crucial, and this is where I need your help. If you can—I’d really appreciate it if you’d purchase the book (again, $.99) and write an honest review. At $.99 a book, I’m not looking to make millions. I believe there are important messages to be shared, and this is a way to get them out there.

Thanks for your help, and I am always happy to hear from you. francesca@hopeverdad.com

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  1. What a great treasure of short stories that get you thinking. Each story makes one think deeply… and ponder what the character’s decisions will be and if I were in that situation, what path would I have followed. Be keen when reading for a common thread that connections between stories. I recommend reading one story each day and fastening your seat belt for unexpected turns! Be prepared to do some deep “thinking,” as the title suggests. After reading the digital version, I ordered the hard copy so I could loan it to others to enjoy. When you’re done, I highly recommend reading “Learning To D.A.N.C.E With Your Demons: A Guide To Self-Transformation by the same author… Francesca Flood, ED.D.

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